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Finding a Landed House can be time consuming. We advertise all our Landed Houses with the Asking price from the Landlord, however, it is expected that you ask your Agent to negotiate this price on your behalf. All our advertised Houses come with high quality images and in-depth descriptions. If you’d like to find out the Landlords final price, contact one of our agents, contact us.

Finding the best houses for rent in Myanmar

If you’re looking at houses for rent in Myanmar, there are additional issues that you need to beware of. Firstly, houses will generally have higher maintenance costs over apartments. You’ll also need to make sure that the house isn’t within a flood prone area, and make sure that the house comes with a working backup generator!

If you’ve never rented a house, we’ve added some additional questions you should ask.

What to look out for with houses for rent

Renting a house can be far more complicated than renting an apartment. Firstly, houses in Myanmar are quite old, so looking out for asbestos is very important. Also checking for foundation issues by inspecting the interior and exterior walls for any signs of cracks can save you a future headache!

What are the costs of a house?

The Landlord will be responsible for the structure of the building, to ensure the electricity is safe and to make sure the water is running. Anything else is typically the tenant’s responsibility. An additional cost that might be required will be Pest Control. We recommend Pest Control services twice a month for gardens with lots of plants!

What are the benefits of renting a house?

Yangon’s noise and air pollution is a day to day problem. If you’re looking to avoid this as much as possible, then renting a House is the best solution. Located in the quieter neighborhoods of Yangon, you’ll be able to escape this pollution once you’re finished with work.

What happens if the Landlord wants to sell?

If you plan on renting a house for long term, it’s best to add a clause inside the Tenancy Agreement that states if the Landlord wishes to sell, the new owner will have to accept the current Tenancy Agreement without early termination. 


We care so much about our tenants that you’ll be able to contact us at any point during your tenancy agreement. If you and the Landlord are having a disagreement, feel free to explain the situation to us and we’ll help get your point across. It’s never been easier with Myanmar’s best real estate agency PIM.

If you have any questions or would like personalised guidance on your next big move, feel free to contact us. You can also connect with our  Facebook community.

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