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Legal Conveyancing is the transfer of the legal title ownership for a piece of real estate, including land, houses and apartments. The process of buying and selling real estate. The legal title transfer will begin the moment the seller accepts the buyers offer.

If you’re selling your real estate, you’ll need to prepare for the agent’s commission for finding you the buyer. If you’re buying real estate, you’ll need to prepare to pay stamp duty & land registry fees.

There are several unique steps that must be followed during conveyancing in Myanmar. On average conveyancing will take 4 weeks to complete. However, the type of real estate you’re buying the time will vary greatly. Heritage buildings are notorious for missing paperwork so background checks will take longer.

There are three majoy taxes that’s associated with buying and selling real estate:

  • Commercial tax – this is 0.5% of the total purchase price. 
  • Stamp duty tax – this is 0.125% of the purchasing price. 
  • Income tax –  this is 10% of the total purchasing price.

There are several steps to Legal Conveyancing in Myanmar:

  • Collection – of previous ownership documentation
  • Contact – Contacting previous owners to ensure the authenticity of the documents
  • Government Checks – The documents will then be cross-examined with Oain
  • Deposit – is paid & Newspaper article is published
  • Contract – is signed by the seller, buyer & landowner and then is approved by Ya Wa Ka

After the contract, there are several more steps required. Contact us for more information.

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