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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our service costs will vary depending on which program you choose the level of service you require and what country you wish to apply for. Contact PIM for a personalised assessment according to your need.

Most governments require a purchase in real estate before you apply. If you’re rejected, you’ll be refunded the application fees into your bank account. However, due diligence fees are not refundable.

Each country and government have difficult requirements and protocols when handling applications. From our experience, it takes on average 3 to 6 months just for the application itself. The processing fee and time frames are stipulated by the respective country.

Residency by investment programs is acquiring a residence status in the country of your choosing. There are several requirements to becoming a residence, this will vary depending on the country. You’ll have perks such as healthcare, education and even pension systems.

Citizenship by investment programs give you the opportunity to acquire a second nationality, or a second passport. This means that you’ll get all the benefits of a residence and you’ll be treated like a complete citizen. You’ll be able to vote in election, get the countries passport and have the privilege to travel the world. For example, you’ll be able to travel to over 150 countries visa-free if you have a British passport!

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