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If you’re looking for penthouses for sale, then you’re in luck. We specialize in finding the latest and greatest penthouses for sale in Myanmar. We work tirelessly to stay updated and to bring you the latest property news before anyone else. 

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What’s the history of leaks with the penthouse?

Living on the top floor does has its drawbacks. Penthouse apartments have a tendency of leaking a lot more than traditional apartments. They can also be very expensive to repair if there has been extensive damage to the roof.

Before buying a penthouse, especially if you’re buying from a mini condo. It’s important to find out the full history of leaks with the previous owner and ask your real estate agent to help hire a third party to inspect the roofing to make sure there is no existing damage.

Are you able to expand the penthouse?

If you’ve purchased a penthouse and you’re looking at some remodeling. It’s always best to speak with the developer first to find out exactly how much you can extend the property.

If you’re looking at completely redesigning the apartment with severe structural changes. There are a couple of points you should know.

If you’re buying directly from the developer, you’ll be allowed a renovation period to complete this work. If you’re buying a resale penthouse, then you’ll first need to get approval from the people in your building and your neighbors before starting the remodeling.

The advantages of buying a penthouse

There are several advantages of buying a penthouse, the first advantage is the constant demand you’ll receive if you’re buying as part of an investment. You’ll be able to charge a premium price, especially if you’ve got an excellent view.

Secondly, penthouses tend to have better layout plans than the floors below. You’ll be able to take advantage of that extra space, higher ceilings, and plenty of light!

Buying a penthouse that hasn’t finished construction?

Check the floor plans!

If you’re considering buying a penthouse apartment that hasn’t finished construction yet, the best thing you can do is check the floor plans. In Myanmar, some developers love to stick branding on the penthouse, obstructing the view! This is something we highly recommend checking BEFORE purchasing.  The second thing to check for with the developer is to find out where does to sun rise and set? Which direction is the apartment facing?

These are all important factors when considering buying a penthouse.


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Penthouses for sale

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