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If you’re considering buying a Penthouse in Myanmar, it’s important to check the condition of the roof. Since your apartment will be located on the top floor this comes with additional risks and higher maintenance costs. The Monsoon season in Myanmar can cause problems which otherwise might go unnoticed. Before buying a Penthouse it’s best to consult with one of our Agents,  contact us.

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What’s the history of leaks with the penthouse?

Before buying a penthouse, especially if you’re buying from a mini condo. It’s important to find out the full history of leaks with the previous owner and ask your real estate agent to help hire a third party to inspect the roofing to make sure there is no existing damage.



The advantages of buying a penthouse

The first advantage is the demand you’ll receive from renters. If you’ve renovated, and have an excellent view, you’ll never be short of someone looking to rent.

Internal specs of a Penthouse are usually smaller than the lower floors, however, you’ll have the advantage of having an terrace, high ceilings and more natural light. 




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